Vicki and George are getting married later this year in Sussex but they chose to have their pre wedding shoot in June on a special anniversary for them and we decided on Battersea Park, not far from where they both live.    People are often confused as to what a pre wedding shoot is but it is becoming more and more popular –  it’s a chance to meet up – get to know each other a bit better, chat about all the wedding preparations – and get some great photos when we have the time to have some fun and try out different things.  On the wedding day itself time is always in short supply and so it really helps make the most of your wedding photography if you have already had a pre wedding shoot and a chance to get to know how your photographer works.  It makes everyone a lot more relaxed on the day and sometimes its the first time I get to meet the groom.  We had a lovely sunny morning – George and Vicki are such fun together and I am really looking forward to their wedding in December.

George and Vicki had a few ideas of what they wanted and we made up the rest as we went along….. we started by exploring a little alley way just beside the tube station for some more urban backgrounds…

Pre wedding shoot 2


Vicki and George's pre wedding shoot


Pre wedding photo shoot


before heading off to Battersea Park….

George and Vicki in Battersea Park


Battersea Park Wedding Photography

Pre wedding shoot by Alison Buchanan Photography